Senior executives transitioning their careers face both an exciting and challenging period of opportunity and uncertainty. Alex Kaar’s executive transition service helps them to effectively navigate a clear way through organisational change and redundancy, leaving executives feeling confident about their future.

Alex Kaar appreciates how the support and professionalism offered to transitioning executives directly reflects their employer’s brand and culture. The importance of minimising the risk, negative morale and productivity issues associated with redundancy is understood when engaging our executive transition services.

Due to the unique nature of each transition, we offer a selection of individualised development modules to address particular executive needs in addition to our core transition program. Exploring topics and identifying areas needing greater focus and attention is an exciting and rewarding part of the executive transition experience. Our executive transition coaches have been successful in their own right in addition to their expertise in coaching employees from entry level to CEO.

For further information please contact Chris Karagounis on 03 8614 8208 or Geoffrey Still on 03 8614 8207.