As specialists in leadership development, Alex Kaar proudly facilitates custom-designed development programs for leaders and their teams that result in evolved thinking, increased skills and greater confidence. Our clients include leadership and divisional teams in marketing, operations, sales, logistics, IT and matrix functions within the banking, energy, healthcare, medical devices and insurance sectors.

These programs equip leadership teams with breakthrough thinking strategies, leadership models, aligned strategic goals and renewed vision to help achieve commercial and organisational objectives. Adult learning methodologies and cutting edge techniques are used to create powerful development sessions with impressive engagement and participation. Wider divisional teams have enjoyed customised sessions designed to deepen self awareness, increase collaboration and sharpen focus levels.

We use a range of highly regarded professional diagnostic tools in these sessions including The Leadership Circle 360 Profile, Life Styles Inventory (LSI), MBTI, DiSC and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).

For further information please contact Geoffrey Still on 03 8614 8207.